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Are Electric Submersible Pumps Used Most Often for Water Removal in Point Pleasant?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle in front of a home with hoses going into the home. SERVPRO comes fully equipped for your Point Pleasant water damage.

Extractors are often necessary after water disasters in Point Pleasant homes, and submersible pumps can make the most significant initial impact. 

Because extraction is such a critical element to the restoration and recovery of Point Pleasant homes after a water disaster, it is one of the tools and equipment with the most versatility in our inventory. With dozens of models varying in size, production, and ideal use, we can meet rapidly changing conditions in a substantial water emergency for your residence. When standing water is a concern, these circumstances must get resolved as soon as possible to limit the damage and absorption of exposed materials and contents. 

While water removal in Point Pleasant homes often relies on multiple extractors simultaneously, one of the most efficient and heavily used is the electric submersible pump. With continual, quiet operation that can remove hundreds of gallons of water every hour from a damaged area, the only potential obstacle is supplying the unit's power. There are several solutions, including:

  • Portable Generators 
  • Trailered Generators 
  • In-House Electricity

What If Power is Limited? 

It is not uncommon for some loss scenarios to exist in structures struggling to produce adequate power and electricity for restoration equipment. Even spider boxes running off portable generators can become overloaded with air movers and dehumidifiers. We can resolve this with daisy-chaining air movers when possible, but this is not always practical in widespread drying zones. We also have options to utilize non-electric extraction options such as gas-powered trash pumps and truck-mounted extraction units that operate on service vehicles' engines. 

With so many threats resulting from prolonged exposure to standing water, it is always a priority of our responding SERVPRO of Point Pleasant team to mitigate loss with extraction tools. Electric submersible pumps are a possible choice, but our restorers have many options to make water disasters "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (732) 202-3001.

How Can I Get Professional Flood Damage Remediation Services in Point Pleasant Beach?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room with floating furniture Floodwater can remain in your home even after you think it's gone. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services in your home.

If Your Point Pleasant Beach Home Requires Flood Damage Remediation, Call SERVPRO Today!

Now that fall is around the corner, and hurricane season is imminent, it is essential to consider that your Point Pleasant Beach home could face flood damage. Any home adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean could be at risk of flooding. We do not say this to encourage you to live your life in fear of something that could happen. We say this to enable you to do what you can to prepare, should an emergency occur.

You may wonder what you can do to prepare your Point Pleasant Beach home for flood damage. The truth is, you cannot predict if your home might flood or how bad the water damage may be. Instead, it is essential to do your best to enable immediate access to your property for restoration professionals, like SERVPRO.

How Can I Help SERVPRO Get to the Damage on My Property ASAP? 

There are a few things you can do for your home to help professionals get immediate access in the case of an emergency, including:

  • Creating a SERVPRO READY Emergency Profile Plan
  • Keeping a list of emergency phone numbers in an easily accessible place
  • Telling professionals about any obstructions that may be between them and your home right away

A SERVPRO READY Emergency Profile Plan is free to create and allows us to make a map of your home to follow during an emergency. It is crucial to book an appointment with our technicians before the damage occurs for the plan to work. Furthermore, telling our professionals about obstructions, such as fallen trees, can ensure we are prepared before arriving.

How Can SERVPRO Remove Flood Water From My Home? 

SERVPRO uses advanced technology to reduce standing water inside of your home. We can employ devices such as: 

  • Portable sump pumps
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Extractors 

Should you have significant standing water on your property, we can use truck-mounted devices for water removal.

If you ever find your home in need of flood damage remediation, get help today. Contact SERVPRO of Point Pleasant by phoning (732) 202-3001. We are flood damage experts. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Damage Scenarios in Point Pleasant

8/30/2020 (Permalink)

repair leak water pipe on gypsum ceiling interior office building Regardless of the type of damage, Team SERVPRO can remediate the situation fast. Our team is standing by 24/7 to take your call.

Proof That Contacting SERVPRO After Damage Can Help Mitigate the Situation

As a locally owned and operated restoration team that has been serving the area since 2006, we have grown into a trusted and reputable name when disasters strike Point Pleasant homes and businesses. Our large loss recovery team has managed substantial loss events in commercial properties like restaurants, schools, and hospitals. As a full-service provider of both restoration services and reconstruction through our in-house contractors, we can ultimately save customers time and money on the recovery that their property needs.


It might not be easy for homeowners to determine the extent of water damage in their Point Pleasant residences. With hundreds of causes for water emergencies, the severity and spread of the damage can change from one house to another. Preliminary assessments can determine the extent of the surface damage and provide an accurate evaluation of exposed contents and structural elements throughout your home. Documentation can be recorded through our exclusive SERVPRO DryBook technology and software, which can ensure that all parties involved, including our field technicians and the insurance provider for the homeowner, are actively aware of mitigation progress and the tasks that still need to get performed.

What Mitigation Solutions Do Professionals Use?

Mitigation is a phase exclusively designed to save customers time and money by reducing the property's overall loss. When this comes to your Point Pleasant home or business, mitigation is one of the most critical stages of recovery. While this general term can describe multiple actions restoration professionals take upon arrival, with water loss incidents, it can often indicate specific tasks:

  • Extraction
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Content Cleaning and Management

Is Rebuilding Necessary After Drying?

With how widespread water loss incidents can become, especially when migrating water pushes beyond the surface material into structural cavities and subflooring, build back and repairs are often necessary. We have contractors on our roster capable of handling both the required immediate repairs and the full reconstruction of discarded materials. We can make water loss incidents "Like it never even happened," for your Point Pleasant home.


When fire damages affect your Point Pleasant home or office, it is critical for professional restoration technicians like ours to respond quickly to this disaster. While chasing fires can often have a negative connotation, it is a practice we utilize to ready our team for emergencies occurring in the communities that we serve. With our relationship with many local insurance companies and significant providers who call on our experience to help, readiness for fire recovery involves multiple factors:

  • Pre-stocked trailers
  • Available technicians
  • 24/7 operation
  • Emergency experience

What Immediate Tasks Can Prevent Greater Loss?

Mitigation and emergency services are also substantial when looking to reduce the spread and severity of fire loss effects. There are multiple steps that our professionals can take in your Point Pleasant property beginning as soon as we arrive. From fire debris removal and air quality control through surface cleaning to remove smoke residues and other threats, we have skilled professionals 24/7.

What Are the Final Stages of Fire Recovery?

Over the years that we have been serving the area, many have looked to our SERVPRO team to provide both restoration and reconstruction after structure fires affecting Point Pleasant buildings and homes. As pressing of a need as reconstruction and repair might be after a fire, a restoration professional must also address lingering effects such as embedded odors in structural elements that are not getting replaced. We have multiple tools for removing odors successfully, and this process can be even more efficient through practices like controlled demolition and reconstruction.


As you might suspect, our restoration professionals' success in commercial properties in the Point Pleasant area and beyond hinges on our fast response. Every loss incident has a finite timeline for restoration and recovery before protecting construction materials and contents becomes impossible. This speedy response can become even more pressing in smaller shops or warehouses where stored articles and wares can become heavily damaged by water and flood disasters.

What Cleaning Practices Are Standard for Commercial Properties?

Cleaning up after one of these loss incidents can be crucial to returning your property to a preloss condition. The same fast response can ensure that your doors stay open or reopen quickly after the first notice of loss. Proper cleaning of your Point Pleasant commercial property involves many steps ranging from carpet cleaning and resurfacing through deodorization and air quality control. Each of these steps is not only vital in the restoration and recovery after disasters but also the revitalization of your property when wear and tear to the building become apparent. These actions include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Surface Wipe Cleaning 
  • Deodorization 
  • Vandalism and Graffiti Removal
  • Air Quality Control 

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

The development of a defensive cleaning program ensures that we have qualified restoration and cleaning professionals available at any time that your Point Pleasant property needs it. This program provides the highest levels of cleaning and sanitation that we can give commercial properties. Our attention to detail in these matters ensures the high traffic areas and touched surfaces get appropriately cleaned and protected regularly.


Severe storm events are nothing new to the Point Pleasant area. Because of this frequency, we have a fast response to begin deliberate emergency services. Some of these options include temporary construction, controlled demolition, and cleaning surfaces.

What is the Fastest Method of Extraction?

Flood losses could often be a typical result of water penetration after storm losses occur. When flooding begins in your Point Pleasant home, we fixate on the appropriate tools necessary to remove standing water. Some of the most frequently used removal tools include:

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Trash Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands
  • Weighted Extraction Machines

What Must Happen to Address Flood Damage?

The removal of flood effects after a disaster can be a considerable challenge, especially when the property needs services like muck out and extraction. Flood recovery, in general, describes a wide variety of actions taken, ranging from controlled demolition and debris removal through extensive cleaning and reconstruction.

We're Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we can show you. Give our SERVPRO of Point Pleasant team a call at (732) 202-3001.

How Can I Remove Odors from My Restaurant Kitchen After a Fire?

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

fire in background of large CAP letters spelling FIRE Point Pleasant Restaurants Rely on SERVPRO for Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Fire Can Leave Difficult-To-Remove Residues That Cause Unpleasant Odors

After experiencing a fire incident in your Point Pleasant establishment, you face the difficult task of fully restoring your business so that it can be reopened. Fire residues can be difficult to remove without professional help, and they create unpleasant odors that can turn away customers. SERVPRO has experience with eliminating these unwanted scents.

What Are the First Steps SERVPRO Will Take To Restore My Business?

Our technicians have extensive experience with fire damage mitigation in Point Pleasant. Once SERVPRO teams arrive, we can work rapidly to assess the damage and determine the most effective tools and techniques for beginning the restoration process. Our technicians can do the following:

  • Find the residues
  • Identify the type of residues
  • Identify the type of surface the residue is on
  • Capture the film or ash in dry particulate form or in solution depending on the surfaces
  • Properly dispose of residues

Can Residues Be Removed Without Damaging Surfaces?

Yes, SERPVRO technicians have several options when it comes to removing residues:

  • Mechanical action can scrape off dry residues. Our technicians can choose between mild, medium, and heavy agitation to avoid damaging the surfaces and fixtures.
  • Lubrication to detach residues and cause them to slide off. This is accomplished by the application of detergents.
  • Chemical action to alter sediments, causing them to lose their grip on surfaces. We accomplish this through the use of enzyme digestion, bleaching, oxidizing, and strong acids.
  • Suspension and dispersion to remove more oily deposits. We use hydrophilic and lipophilic clarifications to dissolve and then rinse away the residue particles.

Throughout the fire damage cleanup and restoration service, we make sure to adjust our cleaning to avoid causing damages to the surfaces as quickly as possible to help get the restaurant prepared for a re-opening.

If you have suffered fire damage and you need rapid help to quickly get your business back on its feet, then call SERVPRO of Point Pleasant at (732) 202-3001. Our teams are available 24/7, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

When Can I Retrieve My Personal Belongings and Important Documents after a Fire in Point Pleasant Beach?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire Call SERVPRO of Point Pleasant (732) 202-3001 to assist with your emergency fire damage and restoration needs.

Fire Damage In Point Pleasant Beach

When a fire occurs in our Point Pleasant Beach community, it can be devastating to the occupants. If the fire can be extinguished quickly, the damage may be limited. However, there is always fire, smoke, and water damage from the fireman's efforts to quell the blaze. Everyone wants to know when they can get into their home, retrieve essential belongings, including keepsakes, mementos, and papers.

One of the first tasks for our SERVPRO team of Point Pleasant is to work closely with the fire chief and the homeowner to evaluate the site. Our objective is to ensure that it is safe to enter. Safety concerns include electrical issues, slips, and falls due to wet conditions and structural integrity. Every fire damage site in Point Pleasant Beach is different and must be assessed. We can work closely with the homeowner to retrieve items safely before restoration begins.

Do I Need to Make Alternate Housing Arrangements?

Our SERVPRO Point Pleasant team can work closely with your insurance representatives to help answer this question. Depending on the amount of damaged caused by the fire, homeowners may be able to re-enter and live in a portion of the home that is undamaged. Larger fires with lots of smoke odor damage usually require the residents to make alternate temporary living arrangements.

Our teams follow a seven-step process for both small and large fire emergencies. The first two steps involve assessing the amount of damage, safety issues, and determining the amount and type of equipment needed. Next, compromised windows, walls, or roofs are boarded up or covered by tarpaulins to prevent further damage.

We remove all water and dry your home if needed before focusing on removing smoke and soot from all surfaces in the house. All items in the home are cleaned and sanitized as well as removing any remaining odors. Restoration of various structural elements may be required along with repairs to walls, carpet, and flooring.

Call SERVPRO of Point Pleasant (732) 202-3001 to assist with your emergency fire damage and restoration needs.

Can Efficient Cleaning Happen After a Fire in My Point Pleasant Beach Shop?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

$50 bill burning on both ends Fire damage costs your business money! Call SERVPRO for fast, effective remediation.

Fires Can Leave Your Entire Structure Damaged, Making it Vital to get Cleaning and Recovery Efforts Started as Soon as Possible 

After a fire loss incident, cleaning up can often reduce the cost of a fire damage claim for Point Pleasant Beach shops. As restoration professionals, we have seen some of the destructive powers of fire losses throughout commercial properties. This damage can become especially problematic when your wares and stock also become impacted by the structure fire. Fast and direct restoration and cleaning approaches can protect these potentially damaged items and get your doors back open quickly for your customers and staff.  

The term fire damage for Point Pleasant Beach shops like yours can indicate multiple problems simultaneously. From the direct structural damage resulting from widespread combustion to lingering residues and coatings on the walls from smoke damage, cleaning is not a one size fits all solution for each building. Despite the obstacles that exist with cleanup and recovery, it is often a more cost-efficient approach to returning your property to the preloss condition when your insurance company has become involved in damage claim efforts.  

What Information Gets Collected in the Job Scoping Phase?  

The job scoping phase is one of the vital efforts that our SERVPRO team begins as soon as we arrive. This inspection and evaluation of your property help us determine the structure's condition and what must get done to restore it. Careful documentation and readings get conducted during this phase to ensure that all parties, including our fire restoration professionals and the insurance adjusters, know what to expect when restoration and mitigation efforts begin shortly after that. Job scoping seeks to determine:   

  • Environmental Conditions – The conditions in the environment can vary from one fire-damaged structure to the next. Often, circulating particles like soot can have hazardous effects on those exposed. Air quality control, as well as many different emergency services, must occur before other restoration actions can take place.  
  • Content Damage – Because your shop is your livelihood, you are often concerned with how damaged your stock and wares have become. Careful evaluation on an item-by-item basis can help designate which corrective actions can happen on-site in which your content needs restoring in our nearby warehouse. 
  • Structure Damage – There is no mistaking how destructive fires in Point Pleasant Beach can be to the building itself. Structural damage must get addressed as soon as possible because breaches in the building's envelope affect how efficient and thorough restoration actions like cleaning, drying, and deodorization can be. 
  • Estimated Costs – Job scoping is also vital for our project manager and crew chief to determine the work's estimated costs. Documentation of the damage and the corrective actions needed to recover the property helps the insurance company designate the appropriate amounts for the restoration of the building and its affected items. 

What Are the Primary Principles of Cleaning Smoke-Damaged Items?  

Smoke-damaged items are not uncommon to see after a structure fire in a small shop. Not only can the building's contents become affected by these residues, wall services, counters, and flooring can also become damaged. There are specific factors that we must consider with each of these restoration approaches when cleaning smoke residues:  

  • Identify the Residue – There are multiple types of smoke residues that can impact your property, from wet smoke damage, a thick residue to dry smoke damage, which often appears more like a chalky film. 
  • Identify the Affected Materials – The type of material affected underneath the residue can also impact the cleaning choice made. Specific abrasive cleaning techniques might damage or scratch sensitive surfaces. 
  • Choose Appropriate Cleaning Method – With dozens of possible cleaning approaches for smoke residues, several get implemented on every job site. We have situations where soda blasting can be most efficient, while emulsification with water-based solvents might be best in other areas. 

Is Cleaning a Better Choice Than Replacement? 

Insurance companies often view restoration and cleaning as more desirable rather than replacement. Replacement indicates that materials or contents have become too damaged to preserve and must get discarded. Cleaning is more than resurfacing and refinishing, although these approaches can be cost-efficient against replacing the materials altogether. Advantages to cleaning include: 

  • Less Money
  • Faster than Replacement
  • Desirable Alternative to Resurfacing 

No matter how destructive fire damages can be to your shop, our SERVPRO of Point Pleasant team can quickly respond. Give us a call whenever disasters strike at (732) 202-3001.

Can Hardwood Floors Be Saved After Storm Damage?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water extraction mats placed on a living room floor One step that may be used during the drying process are these water extraction mats as shown in this living room in Brick, NJ.

When a storm brings water into your home, SERVPRO of Point Pleasant will on site quickly to begin the drying process. When water saturates hardwood flooring, the fibers swell, and permanent damage occur. The sooner the water cleanup begins means the chances of saving your hardwood floors are greater.  

SERVPRO has specialty equipment that may be able to save those hardwood floors. One step that may be used during the drying process are water extraction mats. These mats are very effective and efficient way to extract water moisture and vapor from hardwood floors. Extraction mats are placed in specific spots on the hardwood floors that pulls out remaining water and moisture that is in and under the floors. 

We have highly trained technicians along with professional equipment to make your storm damage "Like it never even happened." 

Call 732-349-9898 today for all your storm damage needs. 

Why Does Water Damage Extraction Accelerate Drying?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO injectidry-green With Advanced equipment like this injecti-dry rig Shows Why SERVPRO Is the Water Damage Mitigation Company of Choice

SERVPRO Restores Point Pleasant Properties Affected by Water Damage

Something as simple as a faucet overflow can do significant damage to a kitchen. The moisture can delaminate tiles, affect cabinet finishes, cause the paint to bubble and peel, and create unpleasant water damage odors, among many other potential concerns.

SERVPRO is prepared to eliminate water damage from Point Pleasant residences 24/7. These Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified professionals are well-versed in performing mitigation services and restoring damaged areas of your home.

Why Does 24/7 Availability Matter?

SERVPRO is proud to provide communities with services from locally-owned franchises all over the United States and Canada at over 1,700 locations. Availability is a must for residential disaster cleanup because:

  • Fast action means big savings. Water damage can affect your property in as little as the first 24 hours after exposure. The faster a mitigation team can act, the more likely it is that your belongings can be restored in full.
  • Emergency response teams handle any size disaster. Whether the overflow has led to odors in your carpet or soaked through the ceiling of the floor below, SERVPRO has the tools and strategies necessary to return your home to a preloss state.
  • Streamlined insurance claim filings. SERVPRO can accelerate the process by performing fast cleanup with extensive documentation of the damage in your home to support your insurance claim.

What Tools Can SERVPRO Use to Remove Water Damage?

Extracting moisture is a multi-step process that can entail the use of a variety of tools, depending on the extent of water damage. In a faucet overflow situation, your home may require:

  • Portable extraction units for removing water from between baseboards, underneath tiles, behind toe-kicks, and many other hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Rovers or extraction wands for pulling moisture out of carpeting.
  • EPA-registered sanitizers for controlling odors and removing microbial growth.

SERVPRO of Point Pleasant is ready to leave water-damaged residences looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (732) 202-3001 for comprehensive water damage mitigation services.

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A Heavy Storm Caused Flood Damage in My Home. What Can I Do to Restore the Damaged Areas?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

leaking roof drips coming into bucket Do you know the storm damage restoration process? Regardless give the certified technicians of SERVPRO of Point Pleasant to handle the issue.

Hire a Restoration Firm to Conduct Storm Flood Cleanup and Mitigation in Your Point Pleasant Beach Property

Floodwater can cause significant damage to your property that can lead to costly repairs. Act fast by contacting professional restorers from SERVPRO to prevent further damage in your Point Pleasant Beach home. We have gone through thorough training and have access to state-of-the-art equipment that helps us handle flood damage to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How fast can you start the restoration process?

Since we understand how stressful a flooding situation can turn out, we can dispatch a team of technicians to perform stormwater removal and cleanup in your Point Pleasant Beach property within a few hours. We inspect the property to determine the best restoration techniques and products to use. Our certified technicians use approved methods to ensure effective rehabilitation.

What destruction does floodwater cause?

When floodwater gets into your property, it can infect everything it touches because it usually contains harmful microorganisms. Murky water can conceal insects and even life-threatening wildlife. The pooling floodwater can cause long-term damage to items such as:

  •     Drywall and wallboard - These materials are porous, and when they absorb water, they may become weak and remain contaminated even after drying.
  •     Floor coverings - Laminated covers with foam rubber backing, can be destroyed beyond repair. Carpets that come into contact with contaminated water need to be replaced. 
  •     Electrical wiring and pipes - Flooding can cause pipes to break. It can also ruin electrical wiring, leading to electrocution hazards. 
  •     Laminated wood and particle board: These materials can swell, separate, and weaken after getting wet, typically not salvageable.

Which restoration services do professionals offer?

Since floodwater poses health risks to humans, it is essential to let SERVPRO professionals conduct the restoration process. Before we start removing the contaminated water, we wear protective gear such as face masks, full bodysuits, rubber boots, and chemical resistant gloves. Our flood damage restoration services include:

  •     Floodwater extraction - We can use self-priming trash pumps to extract the floodwater. We classify the pumps as slurry, full trash, or semi trash. The classifications are mainly based on the size of solids they can pass. Semi-trash pumps can pass solids less than 5/8” while trash pumps pass solids up to 1¼″. Full trash pumps can pass solids over 3”, and slurry pumps can carry fluid containing mud or sand. 
  •     Drying – Our team performs thorough drying using centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers. The equipment can remove moisture even in confined spaces. We can dry the contents of your home off-site or on-site.
  •     Removing and disposing of non-salvageable items.
  •     Eliminating odors in the property by using different deodorizing products and equipment

Do not let flood damage distort your daily activities. Contact SERVPRO of Point Pleasant at (732) 202-3001 for effective restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

What are Signs of a Moisture Problem in My Hardwood Flooring in Point Pleasant Boro?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

moist, swollen and receding parquet after water leakage Quick action is necessary to ensure that your flooring can be restored. Contact our experienced team for services.

SERVPRO technicians can diagnose and treat water damage symptoms in your Point Pleasant Boro hardwood flooring with their professional restoration methods

When your hardwood flooring is the center point of a home-based water disaster in Point Pleasant Boro, if the cleanup was not complete, secondary issues may be the problem in the near future. Since wood absorbs water, it also releases moisture to be in equilibrium with its immediate environment. Signs that your hardwood flooring is dealing with an overage of moisture include:   

  • Warping or cupping of floorboards
  • Water droplets on the boards with no source in the vicinity
  • Musty odors
  • Discoloration on the boards

How Does SERVPRO Find and Diagnose the Areas That Need Water Removal?

SERVPRO technicians bring an array of water removal equipment to each Point Pleasant Boro job site to enable them to locate all areas of water migration, and any place elevated areas of moisture reside. They do not have to remove floorboards or sheetrock to "see" under flooring or behind walls, their detection equipment such as their thermal imaging cams and hygrometers allow them to peer throughout the room and find the problem areas that need addressing.

What are Some Common Issues When Water Waits for Cleanup? 

The biggest problem when there is a delay between the initial water spill and the cleanup in Point Pleasant Borough is the deterioration of the water that occurs. Within 48 hours, even a clean water loss requires handling as a category three biohazard due to the probability of bacteria now present in the water. This means items that absorb the water that once had potential for restoration is now a loss due to the possibly contaminated nature of the water.

In a house that is closed up, mold spores can germinate and spread rapidly across surfaces creating a secondary issue that require remediation before the house is habitable again.

Foul odors are another negative side effect of waiting to begin restoration services. The musty, distinctive odor remains until the moisture gets eradicated.

Not All Extraction Equipment is Equal 

Using a wet/dry vac on a water spill may work for small scale losses, but if the water migrates between floors, under flooring or may reside under cabinets or within walls, you need the professional power SERVPRO brings to the scene. 

The use of professional removal equipment is vital for the best outcome. The techs have access to state of the art extraction equipment such as:   

  • Portable Pumps, including weight heads for use on carpet
  • Submersible pumps for deeper water situations such as a flood damage or standing water in a basement
  • Truck-mounted units for widespread water extraction situations

Professional Drying Equipment vs. Fans 

The drying equipment the techs bring on-site is light years ahead of the blowing power that comes from household fans. Air movers do not look like a fan, this small boxy device delivers high-velocity airflow that creates a chain reaction that causes embedded moisture to rise. Unlike when only fans get used to dry an area, the airflow only goes over the tops of surfaces, once the air movers raise the water vapor, the dehumidification equipment is on standby to grab it and port it off-site. When hardwood flooring requires drying, the techs most often attempt to dry the boards in place using specialized devices such as drying mats. The mats get rotated during drying to ensure the wood dries evenly. This method can help with lessening the sanding needed to bring the floorboards back to a level state. 

Pack Out vs Dry in Place 

SERVPRO techs want to limit the upheaval that the restoration process can cause in a home. They put furniture up on blocks and attempt to disrupt the home as little as possible. However when carpet requires removal or flooring gets affected by water loss, it often leads to the need for a pack out. The extremely organized process involves the cataloging of items and their place in the home so when the cleanup and restoration services complete, each item gets put back precisely where it came from.

Items that require removal due to loss also get photographed and a detailed report created. This document is provided to the homeowner once the mitigation efforts complete to assist in expediting any insurance claims the property owner may have in the works.

The certified technicians at SERVPRO of Point Pleasant Boro know you need water removal sooner rather than later that is why their team of professionals is ready to come to your property 24/7. Just call (732) 202-3001 and get your home restored to its preloss condition.