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Can Water Removal Save Your Carpet from Delamination?

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

lgr dehu drying a carpet SERVPRO uses advanced equipment like this LGR dehumidifier to salvage water damaged carpets in Point Pleasant properties

Point Pleasant Homeowners do not Want to Replace Carpets after Water Removal

The right carpet adds ambiance to your Point Pleasant home. From chic single-color rugs to vivid vintage prints, your choice of carpet brings a room together. Carpets are also notoriously expensive, and replacing them is a hassle, so naturally, you do not want to change carpets unless you have to.

The state of your carpets is a primary concern during water removal in your Point Pleasant residence. Carpets are often one of the first things customers ask SERVPRO of Point Pleasant about. Our customers want to know if we can save their floor coverings and whether they will need to make an insurance claim.

What is delamination?

Delamination occurs when the primary and secondary carpet backings separate. Delamination happens as a direct result of water damage to carpets. Unfortunately, once a carpet reaches this stage, it is unsalvageable, and our technicians will dispose of the carpet.

That is the bad news. The good news is that if you call us immediately, water damage happens, we may be able to dry out the carpet before delamination occurs.

Can SERVPRO save your carpet?

There are some situations where it is not possible to save a carpet:

  • When it becomes delaminated
  • If it was soaked with water that poses a health hazard, such as water contaminated with raw sewage
  • If there is extensive mold growth because the water problem was left to fester

Thankfully, in many other situations, it is possible to restore your carpet.

How do we remove water from a carpet?

Our technicians have several methods to get water out of a carpet:

  • Free-standing and truck-mounted pumps to suck up surface water
  • Carpet wands to get into corners, and draw water from the top of the carpet
  • Rotary and free-standing extractors to carefully press the water out

Thorough extraction makes drying faster and more efficient and decreases the risk of mold growth. However, careless extraction can cause damage, which is why we treat your carpets with care.

What is the best way to dry a carpet?

The best way to dry a carpet is by using a combination of:

  • Air movers and fans
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Portable heaters (we do not need these in every case)

Our technicians follow the theory of drying to set up drying zones. We also monitor moisture and humidity levels during drying, and we use moisture probes to measure water in carpets and on the subfloor below.

Can SERVPRO clean your carpet?

We certainly can. We train our technicians in a range of carpet cleaning methods, including hot water extraction, showcase, bonnet cleaning, and deluxe precondition and rinse. The best way depends on the carpet fibers and the type of soiling. We test your carpet beforehand to establish the kinds of threads, the level of dirt, and the colorfastness.

Will insurance pay for a replacement?

That depends on your insurance company and your policy. However, we can liaise with your insurance company on your behalf, and we can take pictures and document evidence for you to present to them.

Can SERVPRO fit a replacement carpet?

We understand that you do not want to deal with lots of different contractors. We can bring in other professionals when needed, and ensure they carry out their duties to our strict standards. That means less stress for you and a more streamlined restoration process.

Can you prevent delamination during water removal?

By the time carpet gets wet, there is not much you can do to prevent delamination. However, there are steps you can take to look after your carpet before a disaster strikes. Wear and tear contribute to delamination, so take good care of your carpets. If possible, remove shoes before walking across them, and ask visitors to do the same. Vacuum your carpets regularly, and be careful when choosing cleaning products. Strong solvents can deteriorate the backing and separate it from the main body.

Do not leave your carpet wet after small everyday spills. Dry spills quickly, and call us if you need help or advice.

If you have a puppy or kitten who has not figured out where to do their business yet, do not let them roam loose across your best carpets!

What about other kinds of floors?

We can help with other kinds of floors too. If your wooden, linoleum, or marble floor needs water removal, we are here to help. Like carpet, fast action is essential, especially with wooden floors, where lingering moisture can cause warping. We suction away water and set up a drying environment for your floors. We can also deodorize afterward and apply anti-microbial treatments if needed.

If you are concerned about carpet damage during water removal, call SERVPRO of Point Pleasant at (732) 202-3001.

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