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Room with exposed wall framework and SERVPRO drying equipment on subfloor

Jackson Township Loft With Water Damage Gets Dried Fast

A Jackson Township Loft had water damage after a storm. The techs on-site used their detection equipment to determine the least amount of controlled demo needed to halt any further damage to the wall and carpet. SERVPRO drying equipment quickly dried the wall cavity and subfloor. 

Standing water under a staircase

Point Pleasant Water Damage Plus Mold Problems

SERVPRO technicians arrived at this Point Pleasant home to find water damage under the stairs. In dark, damp areas, mold damage can rapidly take hold and the techs have extensive training in both the remediation and prevention of colony infestations.

The Reilly Family standing by bus they rented to Donovan Catholic High School Football Team to take them to the game

SERVPRO of Point Pleasant Rents Bus to Take Donovan Catholic Football Team to Game

From the Donovan Catholic Football Team: "Thanks to the Reilly Family, who own SERVPRO of Point Pleasant for being sponsors of our program for the past 4 years, and their continued support by renting a bus for the team to travel together to the game tonight! The team is on the way!"

bedroom with wet carpeting

Snapped Flex Hose Causes Water Damage to 75% of Home

There are certain things in life that require immediate action, one of which is water damage. Even minor water can wreak havoc in your home over time if left untreated. Failure to address water issues may quickly escalate compromising your home. The end result can be devastating, not only to your home but also to your finances.

This home in Manchester suffered water damage to 75% of the home from snapped flex hose connected to the toilet. SERVPRO of Point Pleasant was there to make it "Like it never even happened."

tile floor with water showing in the grout lines

Interior Walls Affected by Water Damage

Restoring property after water damage involves addressing both visible and unseen damage. Water can seep into hidden areas and cause destruction before it becomes discovered. Interior walls are not made to withstand water and even a small amount of water at the base of the wall can become a problem. Left wet or dried improperly, building materials can swell or warp.  Most people do not realize how destructive water can be, and they are shocked to find how much damage it leaves behind.

The water affected the walls in this home in Brick, NJ and because of the level of moisture inside of the walls, we needed to drill holes for proper and complete drying out of the space to prevent mold growth.

inside of a cabinet with mold growing on the base

Mold Cleanup After a Plumbing Leak

A waste line sprung a leak in this kitchen but it was a few days before the homeowners realized where the water was coming from. By that time, the water has been steadily creeping into the walls, cabinets and crawl space aiding the spread of mold. Mold spreads quickly, so a minor mold infestation can quickly escalate into a major problem.

Unfortunately, homeowners cannot predict when or where a plumbing leak will occur but they can call SERVPRO of Point Pleasant to quickly dry the property and remediate the mold. We are dedicated to responding immediately when you contact us. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost.

corner of a room with a paint bubble filled with water

Laundry Room Sink Overflow Causes Water Damage

When our technicians arrive on scene after a call to the office for water damage clean-up, they never know what they are walking into. This Toms River homeowner had a slop sink in their laundry room overflow and the water had pooled into this huge bubble on their ceiling. 

Our SERVPRO of Point Pleasant technicians removed all the water and began the extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the room so the homeowners could enjoy their laundry room and clean clothes once more.

two males standing in front of a white and blue wall

Michael Reilly and Tony Siragusa

Michael Reilly with speaker Tony Siragusa, a former National Football League defensive tackle who spent 12 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens at the Donovan Catholic High School Football Banquet. SERVPRO of Point Pleasant owner Michael Reilly received an award for outstanding support to the Donovan Catholic High School Football Program.